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Well, ladies and gents, David and I ran in the Chamber Classic Half Marathon yesterday and finished. Just being able to type that makes me happy–especially the and finished part. As most of you know, me knee has given me quite a bit of grief since my NCAA women’s rowing days at Clemson, and training for this half marathon ultimately sent me to a sports medicine doctor less than two weeks before the race. Not enough time to heal, for sure.

Anyhow, for over the first half of the race, we maintained a nine-minute-mile pace or faster, but at about mile eight, something happened. Perhaps I took a poor step or lost focus on my stride or something. My knee began to hurt, thus affecting my form and ultimately causing a severe side stitch, etc etc.

With David encouraging me the whole way, I pushed through the last five miles with him and finished in once piece. Praise God!

Despite the pain, I still want to run another half marathon soon and a full marathon in 2008. So, one post-wedding-day half marathon down and searching for our second.

David’s parents and brother were there the whole way to cheer us on. It was so nice to see familiar faces along the race route, but especially at the end. David’s mom even ran beside us for the last quarter mile pushing us to the finish. Thanks Karon!

We had a terrific time with Karon, Leo and Kevin showing them around downtown Pittsburgh, showing off our wedding album and flaunting our budding culinary skills. How fun!

At the end of our time with the Mertens last night, we ate birthday cake (for Leo) and watched the first part of the Clemson game. Depressing. If you didn’t watch, here’s all you need to know: Virginia Tech had a 100-yard kickoff return touchdown after an 82-yard punt-return touchdown after they intercepted a pass and ran it in for a touchdown. All in the first quarter. Add in a couple of field goals and a lot of poor throws by poor Cullen Harper, and you get another sad, sad loss for Clemson.

I refuse to be a fair-weather fan, though, so I continue to have faith that Clemson will pick itself up and rock it out in the next game. Go tigers!

For today, lots of stretching, relaxing and decorating the apartment for fall…even though it’s nearly 90F outside. Go figure.

So, how did you spend your weekend?