So, I’ve been busy. David’s been busy. So life goes, right? At least we’re busy with things we love, and for that, we’re truly thankful.

To get you up to speed, I’m doing a couple of posts about what we’ve been up to in the past month. It’s been a whirlwind!

Ooo! Horses! On June 14, David and I redeemed a “free, private carriage ride” coupon that my parents gave us. With Ladybug (our Amish horse) pulling, Diana, a student at SCAD, steering, and our “Just Married” sign fixed squarely on the back of the white carriage, we were off. Yes, it said “Just Married.” It was fun to ham it up for the tourists! We got a great tour of the historic district of downtown Savannah filled with funny quips and trivia facts from Diana. Afterward, on the recommendation of a former professor of mine, we ate at Vinnie Van Go Go’s New York-style pizzeria. It was fantastic, by the way, but they only take cash. Plan ahead!

I know them well. My parents came to town during the third week of June for a speedy visit. They’re just as busy (if not more so) than David and I, so we take any time we can with them. My mom drove down on a Tuesday night, and my dad flew in on Wednesday. We went to a church softball game, ate dinner at the Crab Shack, walked out to Tybee Island beach, enjoyed the boardwalk in our backyard, went shopping (which led to something I’ll talk about later), and got all caught up on the happenings of everyone. It was a wonderful, wonderful few days.

Believing in God vs. Believing God. I just started a Beth Moore Bible study with some gals from FBCI called “Believing God,” and it’s all about trusting that what God says is truly what He means and that he comes through on his promises. It looks to be an interesting study, for sure. I’ll keep you posted.

Sample 25 food items? We’re there! David and I went to our first ever Tastefully Simple couples party at Travis and Kristy’s house. What is Tastefully Simple? Essentially it’s a home-based business where the consultants sell these little seasoning packets that you add to one or two other things to make delicious dips, marinades, breads, cakes, etc. At a TS party, you get to sample a bunch of the items that you can buy, and it was delicious. Too bad most all of the seasoning packets had to be mixed with one of the following: sour cream, cream cheese or mayonnaise (depending on the type of dip/spread, etc you were making. No wonder everything tasted so lovely! After the TS part of the party, the 15 of us had a cookout (oh my stomach!) and played Guesstures until we got super tired and left. Fun times.

Don’t go! My cousin, Jennifer (mother of my first cousin once removed for those of you who’ve read this blog for a while), is leaving Georgia and moving back to Virginia Beach. A series of events out of her control led to the move, and I was bummed. David and I decided, though, that before she left, we’d drive up to Athens to see her and meet Marlee. We’re so glad that we did! Marlee is adorable and can stare you down, and Jennifer looked great. It was good to see her mom, Susan, as well. A mini family reunion! On top of that, David and I got to have eight+ hours of in-the-car time to talk about everything under the sun. We treated it like a mini vacation–good move, I think. It was a blast!

When you live near a beach…yes, you go to the beach all the time. But for us, it’s all about walks on the beach–especially after dinner. We’ve had a beach day that I’ll talk about later, but for the most part, we get our fill of sand on our walks and soak up the sun by the sand-free pool at our apartment. Woo!

On the road again. David’s in a couple of our friends’ wedding this summer, and the groomsmen all had a bachelor weekend in North Carolina at the end of June. I hitched a ride (ha!) with David up to Greenville to spend the weekend with my parents and friends while he went the rest of the way to the “Bearly Ours” cabin in NC. Based on the pictures, the guys had a great time hanging out, whitewater rafting, playing cards, etc. I enjoyed seeing some friends and getting to spend time with my mom, dad and brother–not to mention go downtown. I miss downtown Greenville so much sometimes! Downtown Savannah is pretty awesome, though, and is giving Greenville a run for its money.

Would you like to open a Gap card? Remember that shopping trip I mentioned earlier? Well, when my mom and I were in Gap looking at shorts and jeans, the manager (didn’t know that’s who she was at the time) suggested that I work at Gap. I had been small talking about my job with Clemson and how I wanted to have an additional job outside of the home. Anyhow, a few days later, I opted to apply. A few days after that (while in Greenville), I got the call that I had an interview. During the interview, the manager threw me a curve ball by not interviewing me for the position that I applied for. Instead, she was interested in training me for a higher position. No complaints here! So, I started yesterday, and love it. I look forward to seeing where the job takes me!