Remember him? I’m such a fan of old-school cartoons. You know, the kind that were drawn by hand?

Anyhow, I went on a walk this morning with Sarah through her neighborhood, and we had some close encounters of the bird kind. There were two separate instances where a falcon/hawk/some kind of large bird with pretty significantly sized talons was being chased away by tiny little mockingbirds. They were likely protecting their babies.

It’s amusing, though, to see such a massive bird get bullied away by two or three little birds who incessantly peck at them. Neither time did the larger bird do anything to fend off the mockingbirds. It just flew away eventually with a trail of angry mamas behind it.

Later on our walk, we encountered a baby mockingbird…on the ground. One of his legs was pretty twisted, so he was hopping around on just one. We weren’t sure if the parents had rejected him or if he fell out and hurt is leg. His parents were freaking out in a nearby tree over a couple of blue jays that had been swooping near the baby. Trying to be good Samaritans, we picked up the bird and took him back to Sarah’s house to assess his situation.

The power went out last night (apparently a woodpecker got into the transformer…oh my), and while mine was on, Sarah’s was not. The poor guy seemed to be in shock or playing dead or something. He wouldn’t budge after we put him in a box (with cushioning, of course). We couldn’t do any research to figure out what we should feed him or anything (power out), so I headed back to my place to sort it out. Turns out, we should have just left him. He was likely fledging (learning to fly) based on the amount of feathers he had and based on the fact that his parents were still protecting him (hadn’t rejected him).

As I type, Sarah’s putting him back out into the wild. I so hope that he doesn’t come face-to-face with any of the many neighborhood cats or blue jays. Eep!