For today (and on Saturday), it’s a real word. Don’t bother looking it up.

David and I have a much larger living space here in Savannah than we did in Pittsburgh. It’s been a lot of fun to think of ways to spruce the place up, but we end of falling into the “expensive taste” category without even meaning to.

We think we’ve found a solution, though. There are a ton of yard sales in the area each Saturday, and I checked out Craig’s List to see what was on tap for this weekend. A lot, apparently. I’m planning to call a couple of the folks ahead of time to see what sorts of furniture they have available. Should be fun!

Ideally, we’d love to find some random artwork for the walls, a coffee table, another chair for the den, drapes and any other fun knick knacks (read: candles, dvd’s, kitchen gadgets).

This will be a new adventure for both of us as we’ve never woken up early on a Saturday morning with the intention of shopping in garages, but hey, we’re always up for a new challenge.

Any yard-saleing tips for us, you Saturday-AM-shopping-vets?

Check back on Saturday/Sunday to see how it went.