Who has been to Myrtle Beach? Wow! Everyone? It sure seems that way, at least when I go there.

Myrtle is a busy, busy beach in the summer. I’ve been with David’s family during the winter, and it’s pretty quiet. Who wants to lay out in the winter, though?

Honestly, I didn’t think quiet beaches existed on the east coast during the summer…

Until today.

Kristy and I went out to Tybee Island beach, and it was wonderful. Even though it was 95F or more outside, there was a steady breeze and intermittent clouds that blocked the sun. We intended to stay out for an hour or two, but lost track of time a bit. We left after two and a half hours or so, and it was such an awesome time of fellowship, relaxation and UV goodness.

Don’t worry, Mom, I was wearing spf40!

Not to mention, by the way, during our entire time out there, maybe 15 people walked in front of us. Fifteen! There were no Frisbees flying at us or bocce balls hitting our chairs or sand flying in our face from a neighbor’s towel–a masterpiece of a beach, really.

Don’t tell too many people, though!

I’m sure I’ll be back soon, with David, and will take a photo to use as the header of this site. Can’t wait!