One thing I failed to mention was the glorious driving weather. We didn’t run into one patch of rain, no high winds, and the sun was shaded off and on by the clouds. Beautiful, I tell you!

When we were nearing Charlotte, North Carolina and realized that it had already taken about 8 hours to go 500 miles with at least another 250 to go (including out trip out to Columbia and back), reality sank in. We were in no way, shape, or form going to make it to Savannah in 11.5 hours. Once we accepted that–and it took a bit for both of us to be ok with it–we picked up our spirits and headed off to grandma’s.

My grandma is the epitome of a southern cook, and when some of her own are coming into town, she really puts out a spread. In fact, I had some left-over macaroni with lunch today (five days later)! We arrived around 3:30pm and were welcomed with big warm hugs from my grandparents, smiles and a wonderful meal. We had pork and gravy, potatoes, peas, brown rice, macaroni, waldorf salad, broccoli salad, cornbread muffins, sweet tea and strawberry pudding (made just like banana pudding with the Vanilla Wafers and everything–mmmmm)! I may be leaving something out, but you get the idea. It was delicious! The conversation was great, and it was just altogether wonderful to get away from the road and relax.

We only stayed for an hour, but it was enough to completely recharge our batteries. Back on the road at 4:30, we embarked on the most boring stretch of the drive. It wasn’t really tough, just really, really dull. We were on I-26 for a while, then we got on I-95 for a long while. The entire way was pretty much flat and sparsely populated, but at least there were radio stations to keep us company!

We stopped one final time for gas just before the Georgia border, and we were off again. I cannot wait until gas prices go down or we get bikes…or both!

A few hours later, we were greeted by tons of palm trees, the lovely smell of a paper mill (not so lovely, mind you), and bridges; we were within Savannah city limits! By this point, it was close to 7:30pm, so we’d be on the road (minus our Columbia stop) for over 14 hours, so we were thrilled on many, many levels when we got into town. Another 20 minutes or so of maneuvering through the outskirts of downtown, and we arrived to our apartment complex.

We met one of the apartment reps outside for our keys (she lives in the complex herself, and since the office closed at 5:00pm, she offered to bring our keys to us–thanks, Melissa) and headed back to our new home. David parked the U-Haul, and I found a spot close beside. Moments later, I got out of the CR-V and was smacked in the face with some wicked humidity.

Mind you, I haven’t spent any substantial time in the south for nearly a year and a half, so maybe the 90% humidity was normal, but still. Whew! It was only 75-80F outside (yes, at 8:15pm, it’s still that hot) compared to the daily high of 90+, but the humidity made it a heck of a lot warmer. Add to that the fact that we were unloading both cars and the truck (oh yeah, David was towing the Mazda behind the 26-foot truck–fun times), and you’ve got a hot, sweaty situation. Thankfully the sand gnats/deer flies/etc weren’t out to get us.

We spent an hour or so unloading all of the small stuff (read: anything but furniture), then Travis and gang arrived. Who is Travis and who is his gang? Well…

Remember the day of wild happenings back in March? We ultimately met with the pastor and his wife from Iron City Church in Pittsburgh. They recommended that we check out a particular church here in Savannah and gave us the contact info for the pastor. David emailed the pastor, and he responded with info about a Sunday school class for our age group. We emailed the Sunday school leader (Travis), and after some great phone calls, he offered to gather up a group of folks to help us move in!

So, back to the story, we unloaded all of the non-furniture items (thank you to Stacy and Kacie for all the boxes) when Travis rolled up with his wife and nearly his entire church softball team. Whoa! It took maybe 15 minutes for all of the furniture to get taken inside; it was awesome. We were all disgusting messes, but we had some great fellowship before parting ways.

David parked the truck in a recreational vehicle lot within our complex, and we got to work on unpacking. Let me start by saying we love our new apartment. It’s a little bit larger than the one in Pittsburgh, but it feels huge. We have a screened in balcony (thank goodness for that!), ceiling fans in the den and bedroom and a great floor plan. Right behind the apartment is a boardwalk out over the marsh, and we vowed that night to go out on it before the work week began.

We were spoiled by our old apartment as far as storage space goes, though. But we were determined to make it all fit. Once 2:00am rolled around, we were both pretty delirious and tired of boxes and packaging tape and scissors and drawers and all other things that = organization or unpacking (I haven’t pulled an all-nighter since grad school, and that’s been nearly two years!), so we went to bed.