Four days from right now, David and I will be around an hour into our marathon, so hopefully close to mile  seven. It’s kind of intense to think that 18 weeks of training have come down to this Sunday, no pressure or anything.

Please say a prayer for us–that we’d make smart speed choices, have crazy endurance and finish strong, without too much pain if possible!

The header above is from our half-marathon race last October. It’s like “Where’s Waldo?” Can you find us in the crowd? This was at the very beginning of the run. That race was a really tough one for several reasons: my knee had only been out of physical therapy for about a week and was in no shape for a half-marathon, it got up to the 80s outside, and we were running a ridiculously hilly route around North Park. That said, though, we finished the race.

In Cleveland, the temperature should be a bit more mild, the course is flat, and my knee is in much better shape. It might be a rainy race, but that’s ok. We’re ready for whatever is thrown our way–besides, rain would certainly keep us cooled off!

I’ll be sure to post all about the race when we get back because I doubt my hands will be hurting; typing should be simple.

*If you would like text messages or emails as David and I cross the 6.2 mile mark, 13.1 mile mark, 18.6 mile mark and the finish, post a comment to that effect, and I’ll give you instructions on how to do that. Really cool free feature offered by this race.