Thankfully, no, my blog title isn’t about the blazing heat in PA. In fact, I have the space heater on this morning because it’s a chilly one!

Instead, this brief blog is about the fact that at my morning workout, I bench pressed 100lbs–my first time in the triple digits. Now, for those of you rip-roaring-strong-jock-folks, that may not seem like a lot, but for me, that’s a huge, huge deal.

As you may recall from a previous blog post, in October of this past year, I couldn’t even do one normal push up, and now I’m knocking on the door of being able to bench press my own weight (35 pounds to go)!

This morning was a little personal victory, and I plan to relish in it for at least a couple of days before pushing any harder. Thanks go out to Mike, my AM workout partner, for pushing me to add weight to the bar–just to see.

I’m learning through each week that passes that the more consistent I am with my workout, the more results I see. Seems basic right? It’s true, though. I think consistency in a workout regimen is one of the hardest parts to tackle.

Thanks to a great support network, I’ve been keeping consistent with my gym workouts two to three mornings a week plus the evening and weekend runs for the marathon, and in just four months of that consistency, I’ve come a long long way.

And to those guys and gals out there working to get in shape, you absolutely can do it, but you have to keep at it.