We finished our first 20-mile run.

That’s so great to say. Here’s how it all went down:

We got started right at 7:00am this morning. It was a crisp 69F outside and breezy, so we were feeling pretty good from the get-go. We were definitely not dressed as though it was going to storm outside–wishful thinking of course–and were wearing running shorts and sleeveless tops. No sunscreen, though, because it was forecast to be really cloudy and ultimately, thunderstorm-y.

All of that said, off we went. In all honesty, despite a few instances where the breeze stopped and we lost our shade, miles 1-10 felt really good.

Then we turned around to run back.

It was around 8:30-8:40 at the time, and the sun decided to rise and burn off all the clouds and the breeze. Meanie! Needless to say, we started warming up, but at least miles 10-12 were on a slight downhill (coming up was tough, but of course, going back down was fantastic)!

**Side note: we always carry 8-oz water bottles full of Gatorade with us when we run along with GU, but today, silly us, we didn’t. Big difference, let me tell you**

That said, we were lucky to have four water fountains on the way out and the same four on the way back for our use (at miles 1.4, 3.1, 4.1, and 7.6). Of course running from mile 7.6 to the turnaround and back was a pretty intense gap in water consumption, but we kept on pushing.

When we paused for water at mile 12.4 (the 7.6 one on the way back), there were two older runners grabbing quick sips, and one of them had run our same marathon before. He said it was even flatter than the trail we ran today; great news, believe me.

Miles 12.4 until 16 were the most brutal. That’s where the sunburn and raw skin began. Ouch and ouch. I had never run in a sleeveless shirt, and my armpits weren’t too thrilled about rubbing. Burn! And of course, the sun came out, and we were sunscreen-less, and I’m from partly Irish heritage.

Oh the pain. At least that pain took my attention away from my silly hip which started acting up around mile 15.

Miles 16 until the end were off and on (running and then walking, back and forth), but we finished the last 1.5 miles at a nice-paced run. Yeah for kicking it at the end! To be honest, I haven’t asked David how long it took us, and he’s out at the moment, so you’ll just have to live with your wondering! When we finished, the last thing I cared about was how long it took. I wanted Gatorade and food and to take 100% of my weight off of my legs. Oh, and to get into the shade as soon as possible so that my arms didn’t completely fry.

Too late!

So now, after an ice bath, lots of aloe vera and lotion, a hefty lunch and some much-needed stretching, I’m feeling good. Too look at me, you’d think I was just out on the lake today or something and forgot my sunscreen.

That is if you can ignore my hobbling gate.