In life, we’re allowed a few guilty pleasures, right? A few things that aren’t necessarily great for us, but at the same time, they’re not awful either. Moderation is key, of course.

My guilty pleasures? Not to be conformist, but my gosh, you just can’t beat chocolate–anything. Chocolate cake, smoothie, icing, ice cream, bar, chips, cookies…

I’ve been working on moderation, and it is indeed possible, ladies. We keep the sweets in our apartment limited–if not non-existent, but when we do have something chocolaty in the place, David puts a sign on it that says, “If a (whatever the chocolate treat is) cost $150, would you buy it?” That keeps me from eating them until a designated chocolate day. It’s teaching me some incredible discipline because I do not want to have to pay $150 to my husband from my tiny Mary Kay savings. Ha!

On the non-edible side of guilty pleasures, though, rests my favorite TV show of all time (of those that are still on the air): Grey’s Anatomy. The title of this blog post is the title of last night’s show–the first new episode since the writer’s strike of November 07. A long time coming, for sure.

Having been deprived of Grey’s for nearly six months, I ate up the episode with my loyal husband by my side. He says he watches it because I enjoy it, but I know there’s a little part of him wondering if Meredith and Derek will ever just be together again–or if Mark will ever settle down from his eternal bachelor ways–or if Christina and Hahn will ever get along. And of course a little part of him thrilled (or may horrified…not sure) that the main medical event on the show was a stream of bear attack victims. Yikes!

Regardless, it was fun to indulge once again.

So, what are your guilty pleasures?