The Pennsylvania presidential primary election is on April 22. Since it’s such a late primary, from what I’ve been told, it doesn’t normally matter all that much in the choosing of a presidential nominee for either party.

This year? Not the case.

Pennsylvania’s 158 delegates are in high demand by the Democratic hopefuls, and you know what that means…constant ads, phone calls (thank goodness we don’t have a land line), news spotlights, and of course, debates.

Obama and Clinton went toe to toe last night in an 8:00-10:00 debate of which I watched about half. I mean, hello? The American Idol results show started at 9pm. So glad that Kristi Lee was sent packing.

But I digress…

As mentioned in a previous post, one of my goals this year is to be an educated voter to the -nth degree, and to do so, I figure I need to research the candidates, scour their websites (Hillary referenced hers so many times last night…Just go to for more details about my _____ plan…), watch the debates, and do whatever I can to form my own opinion apart from just the media’s view.

This is the first election in a long, long time to have so many huge issues on the table (according to Obama last night, the first election in 40 years to do so). Finding a candidate that (a) matches my feelings on each of these views and (b) has the ability to make the necessary changes during his/her short four-year term is near impossible. I’ve accepted this.

In my opinion, right now there are some amount of pros for all three candidates, but also a healthy dose of cons. What do to?

I’ll be back with more as the primary season continues and we all have a better sense of who the two main candidates will be. Until then, you can find me watching the debates–and of course the ads–for any info that will help me be better informed.

Oh, and if you aren’t registered to vote, please get registered ASAP, and make sure you’re present on election day in November!