Lou’s a pal of mine from the post office. With most all of my Mary Kay customers in South Carolina, I’m constantly shipping product down south, and Lou is normally the one helping me out. He’s a Jayhawk fan. You know, the Kansas Jayhawks.

At the beginning of March Madness, I talked pretty tough in the post office about how Clemson’s time had come–how they would be going all the way to the final four, etc. Most importantly, I debated with Lou as to whether or not Clemson would beat Kansas in the second round. “Of course!” I exclaimed.

Well, that was assuming Clemson would get past the first round. Nope.

So after Clemson was out, I joined Lou’s side and cheered for the Jayhawks all the way until the end of last night’s game–an overtime victory thanks to Memphis’s inability to shoot free throws. Side note: free throws should be about the easiest thing to do in basketball. When I played for a couple of years, we practiced those shots all the time. Too bad for Memphis that they didn’t.

Anyhow, I hope ‘ole Lou stayed up past his bedtime to watch Kansas prevail last night. It was a wonderful game!

Maybe Clemson will get ’em next year…