Occasionally I set up office at Panera Bread Company just for a change of scenery, and what an amusing and thought-provoking scenery it often proves to be. So far this morning, I’ve been entertained by:

-An almost businessman. His outfit was like the mullet hairstyle; you know, business in the front, party in the back? Except the clothes were all business up top (buttoned shirt, blazer, bluetooth ear piece, nice haircut), but all party on the bottom. His jeans were holy in the worst possible way. Never, ever, should a man try to be business-savvy while sporting holes in his pants way up on his thigh revealing what type of boxers/briefs he is or isn’t wearing. Ack! Anyhow, this halfway there businessman was constantly talking, loudly, on his bluetooth ear piece and intermittently making comments to other innocent patrons. His table was just recently taken over by two actual businessmen. Thank goodness! UPDATE: Smoker’s cough is not a nice accessory to a sharp suit.

-An amusing juxtaposition. There are two elderly men sitting to my left, one with a “World War II Veteran” hat on-cocked way up on his head. Earlier, I heard a pretty neat cell phone ring, and it turned out to be the one of the men’s phones. He pulled it out, and it was a slider phone. None of this was adding up. They were in a heated debate about battery life before the phone call. Too much.

-A carb craving cutie. A mom left her two-year old (or so) at a table while she went to get napkins, etc. On the table was a bagel and a tub of butter, closed. This little kid, oblivious to his mom and everyone around him, chowed down on that butter container until he busted it open. Mmm butter. His mom came back to find him sporting a yellow-rimmed grin. My, my, my…

-The impact of our economic situation. The prices at Panera went up. All of them. All by about $0.10-0.15, but still. The impact of the slipping economy is definitely being felt around the Burgh: gas prices are up to $3.35 a gallon, egg prices up 25% from last year, milk prices up 17%. David and I are trying to be as smart as possible with our finances and trust God’s provision and guidance to get us through whatever may be ahead.