If you had asked me even a year ago if I’d ever go for a run when the temperature was below freezing, I would have laughed right in your face. Me? A Southern gal? Running in the snow? How would I breathe? How would my legs actually work? There’s no way!

Well, I can’t say that anymore. The training program for the Cleveland marathon is 18 weeks long, and there are only 16 weeks left. That said, we can’t miss any days. Even if the weather hates us.

So this past Sunday, when it was 11F (-6 with the 18mph wind chill) and snowing, me and three other crazy guys went on a brisk 3-mile run…right beside a frozen lake. Under Armor is a gift from God, let me tell you. I had on UA pants, UA shirt, UA ear wrap, UA hat, in addition to a jacket and a face mask that made me look like a robber (or as David thought, a ninja!) Needless to say, once we were a little under a mile in, we were warmed up and enjoying the beauty of the park we were running through.

I really wanted to make eye contact with all of the drivers passing by us in disbelief, but the snow kept getting in my eyes. I wanted to tell them, “I know, we look like we’re crazy. But it feels so good! Give it a try!”

We’ve run two other times this week in sub-freezing temperatures with snow all around, and it gets a little better each time, at least mentally (it’s still super cold!)

It’s pretty incredible to do something that you never thought you could. Go for it, I doubt you’ll be disappointed!