David and I headed to New Paris, PA this weekend to Boyer Orchards 1 (I’ll explain the “1” later) in hopes of picking our own apples and thereby getting a ridiculously great deal on a ton of apples. We arrived to Boyer Orchards 1 and were informed that they no longer allow “pick your own” at their orchards because of the liabilities involved. My goodness. We were pretty disheartened at that, but bought a peck of apples (Cortlands and Jonagolds) and headed on our way to Fayetteville.

David’s grandparents live right outside of Chambersburg, PA in Fayetteville, and we were heading their way to spend the night, share our wedding album/video/other photos and have some quality family time. Once we arrived, we shared with them our apple-picking woes. They immediately ushered us into their van (along with David’s uncle who had stopped by to say “hello”), and off we went to Boyer Orchards 2. Both were Boyer Orchards, but they are completely unaffiliated with each other. Who knew?

We got to pick our own there and got a healthy amount of Fuji apples. Tomorrow night will be spent making apple pies, apple crisp, apple cobbler and anything else we can think of. Woo! Any leftover apples will be implemented into our lunches and possibly dinners too. Hooray!

It was definitely nice to get out of the city for a few days and drive through the country out to Fayetteville. The leaves were so vibrant along the majority of our route–just beautiful! It was hard to come back to the city, but now that I’m here, I’m glad to be here instead of there. Odd how that works.

I’ll have to update later to let you know how much we actually paid per apple vs. how much we would have paid for the same amount in the store. Can’t wait!