God works in some pretty cool ways–random at times, but certainly cool. Yesterday, for example, the Internet at the apartment quit on me early in the morning. I put up the good fight with it for about an hour or so, but ultimately (and begrudgingly), opted to pack up my laptop and head to Panera Bread. Free Wi-Fi is certainly a-okay by me, but I figured working from a busy Panera could never match up to my quiet workdays at the apartment.

Let’s just say that I was a tad mistaken. I got more accomplished in the five hours at Panera than I normally would have knocked out in a couple of full work days. It was so nice to have a constantly morphing group of people swirling around me–kind of reminded me of days spent in Cooper Library at Clemson. I had forgotten how much the occasional visual distraction can aid in productivity. Go figure.

So, God was probably smirking at me as I sulked at the apartment this morning because he knew full well that I’d have a fantastically productive day outside the confines of 819.

David and I were invited to another couple’s house for dinner last night, and we were to provide dessert. I had already decided to head to Giant Eagle and purchase some break and bake cookies after work. Well, at about 2:30, my Panera Internet died. I still don’t know why as there’s no max amount of time that any one person can be connected, but my computer was no longer able to even recognize the network. So, instead of staying at Panera until 3:30 as originally planned, I left to head to Giant Eagle.

Once at Giant Eagle, I was a little peeved since my Internet quit early on me, but that quickly dissipated when I headed toward the frozen foods section. God rocks, people. There was a scary looking man in front of the break and bake cookies, so while I waited for him to move, I looked at a separate dessert section. A “Pillsbury Bake” caught my eye. It was $3.19–nearly double the amount of the break and bakes, but it looked oh-so-good. I picked up the box since scary man hadn’t moved and noticed a hand-cut coupon stuck to the box. Not sure how it got there, but it certainly wasn’t one of the ones you pick up at the grocery store–it was cut crooked. It was for $0.75 off the Pillsbury Bake. Hooray!

I decided that $2.44 (after coupon) made the dessert much more reasonable, and I headed to the “8 items or less” lane. It was moving at a snail’s pace, so on to the self-check out I went. I scanned my dessert and the coupon–not realizing that Giant Eagle doubles coupons up to $0.99. That said, it was as though I had two $0.75-off coupons. I paid a grand total of $1.69 for that lovely dessert.

When I reached up for my receipt, I saw a stack of coupons beside the coupon dispenser in plain view. There were a couple of “$1.00 off your next shopping trip” coupons and one for a free yogurt (the brand that we buy!). I was so shocked that no one else had grabbed these valuable slips of paper, but after only pondering that for a moment, I pocketed the loot. Yes!

So, if I had stayed at Panera longer, I likely wouldn’t have run into any of the coupons that I did. Why? Because the scary looking guy wouldn’t have been standing where he was to cause me to look in a different section of desserts…and likely some other coupon monger would have picked up the ones by the receipt box. Thanks for the boost, God!

Yesterday was a great day. So great, in fact, that I’m back at Panera this morning, blogging away and knocking off items from my work list. David even took the day off to come with me. Loving this!