Once upon a time, I thought that any state north of the Mason Dixon line had cool temperatures year-round. Now that I live in a state quite north of that line, I know my childhood thoughts were but myth. With a high of 80F today, it hardly feels like fall–despite the leaves changing.

That said, I’m thrilled that for our half marathon race this Saturday, it’ll be in the 60s! Wish us luck as we aim to finish in under two hours. David’s parents and brother are coming over for all the festivities, so it should prove to be an awesome weekend!

Seems like last weekend was a bad few days for sports. The Pirates lost, but we had a fantastic time at the game. Clemson lost, and I have nothing more to say about that dreadful attempt of a “game.” The Steelers lost, but we didn’t watch; we’re still nothing more than “we live in the area” fans. Several other top-15 NCAA football teams lost to unranked teams. What’s in the water, boys?

Even more depressing? South Carolina is now #11. It will be short-lived, I’m sure.