So it’s Friday.

David and I decided that since we live in a city with three professional sports teams, we should try to see at least two of them play. That said, we’re going to a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game tonight! We’ve been told by natives of the Burgh that we shouldn’t go expecting the Pirates to win. They’re right. The Pirates are finishing up their 15th consecutive losing season.

Regardless, we’re excited about the whole atmosphere of the game–fans, black and gold, cheering, hot dogs and great baseball songs–hence this entry’s title. Take me out to the ball game…

As for football, the Steelers’ games are pretty much always televised; there’s even a channel you can buy called “Steelers 24/7” which provides (yes, you guessed it) all day long coverage of the team. I’m sure they show minute-by-minute updates of injured players and where the offensive coordinator went to lunch. Brilliant! We certainly haven’t become huge fans yet; we’re still super passionate about our Tigers. Perhaps the day will come-before we head back south-when we can finally call the team the Stillers. That’s how the truly hard-core fans pronounce it. Go figure.

On a similar note, we’re learning all sorts of Pittsburghese. Yes, it’s a language. They even have a website! For example, “For crying in the sink!” means “I don’t believe this!” And instead of something being a “piece of cake,” it’s a “can ‘a’ corn.” Excellent!

I’ll have to study up a bit and try to utilize some of these fantastic phrases at the game tonight.

I like to think that perhaps they will win today. A little late in the season for me to become a fan, but I might just start if they fight it out. I’m all about cheering for the underdog and believing in the unlikely and impossible. Makes life interesting!

Ah well, It’ll all come to a head when we go dahntahn to cheer on da Pi-rats.